Sounds fun! :-D


What’s all the excitement!?
I purchased a Vibease for slave chai but more importantly for my entertainment. This fun little toy is a “smart” vibrator controlled remotely by my cell phone. It fits snuggle against chai’s clit held in place by her thong and jeans.
Tonight slave chai has asked permission to attend a girls night out and I told her she may go….. however she will be wearing her new Vibease for the entire evening. Needless to say I will keep her “buzzing” all night and she will have to try and control her reactions as she will never know when I will activate it.
slave chai will write about her experience as soon as time allows and will post it to our blog.

Oh how lovely!! Cant wait to hear all about it!! ;-)
Q: So you reblogged that post, which forces you to answer any question.. :) I'd love to know when and how you had your first anal experience. And: (take a minute to think about it) whats the most kinky thing you already did and what do you still want to do? :)


Well first off honey.. it doesn’t force me to do anything, I am choosing to ;-)

My first anal was with a lovely girl I dated in my late teens.. she loved it and of course I also felt compelled to give it a whirl ;-) I still have the nice little glass anal toy we bought together and use it still on occasion ;-)

As for the most kinky thing I have done or will do.. that really is a matter of opinion honey.. most of my “kinky” things to me are rather tame compared to many things I see here.. however might be completely out of the question for others to even consider! And while many of my naughty desires and fetishes come in various forms, maybe my most memorable or “kinky” thing was riding a ski lift tram in summertime with just my girlfriend, and having a lovely sexual encounter on the ride up, only to realize after we arrived to the top, we were in full view of a security camera the entire ride, as well as a half dozen people that passed us riding the other tram down as we were “engaged” completely naked in our activities *blush*

As for what I would like to do still… omg! So many things! hihi

I would truly love to attend a nice BDSM costume ball with my pet fuck toy ;-) One where anything goes, and lovely sexy attire is required as well as masks for anonymity :-) Leading my submissive pet and having her tend to my needs as I mingle and chat with the other dominants there.. and of course having her preform with other subs for our entertainment :-D

Thanks for asking!! ;-)

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Mmm. All day? Nope! All night baby!

How about both?? ;-)

"What? You’d like me to stop, please?
Excuse me, perhaps I’ve misunderstood…
Torture me, feed me rotting garbage, piss in my mouth, make me suck your lover’s cock…
Were these not your own words, the ones you typed yourself in the disgraceful, furtive, groveling emails you wrote to that lurid, cheesy tramp? Are these not your sick fantasies, your own filthy thoughts?
Well it’s too late to back out now, you sniveling, effeminate sissy. Because we are taking this all the way.
And the best part? This gives me the perfect justification to take Phillip as my lover, as I’ve longed to do although you despise him.
What’s that? Tears? Please don’t do it? You idiot. I am his. As soon as I learned the truth about you I rushed into his arms. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me. He already knows all about you. Together we will show you how it really feels to debase yourself before a real man while he’s violating your wife.
By daring to discuss these obscene, disgusting images outside the reeking prison of your pathetic, cringing, rancid brain, you have made them real. For I intend to break you.”

"I’ve watched mommy do this. Sometimes I masturbate to those secret videos she thinks I haven’t seen. I know all the best things to do to make you scream."


Need a goddess to worship?

Love the drinking. Nice touch.