Decisions, decisions..



Trying to decide just which of the lovely slutty pictures you made for me this morning stephythompson ;-)
Do I post your lovely ass, kneeling and waiting for miss to take?
Or do I post the one that will make our feet fetish followers implode?
Suggestions anyone?

Oh my!… Go to the original post and add your comment.

# I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now. #Queen. Lol.



A lot of men say they want to date and marry a dominant woman, but can you really handle it?

Dominatrix or Domme (a women who assumes the dominant role in bondage, discipline, and other activities, and who derives pleasure from having a man submit to her physical and mental/emotional abuse)




Morning Miss. I woke up hazy and dreaming of you… My fingers were between my thighs straight away… I got to the edge and desperately tried to stop myself going over the edge. But totally failed :( I couldn’t help my hips bucking in spasms with my thighs clenched hard trying to stop myself…

Oh my! You naughty naughty little slut Steph!!!
Cumming without your miss to join you!!
And letting everyone hear as well ;-)
I’m sure it was lovely, but later you and I will be working on you being a bit more “vocal” as you cum ;-)

That was hot. The panting, the squelching of fingers going in and out and around. Seconded on the vocalisation, ;). Need to hear you screaming Miss Jacky’s name as you cum, thanking her, ;) .