Will you take me for walkies in the park Miss? lesbianmuse

I wonder what all of the spectators will think?… No really, I am truly wondering! Hint hint followers ;)

Oh my! of course i will take you on walkies like this darling! even pose you as if we were at a “pet show” for all the spectators to inspect and admire!!
Q: When you finally play with your fucktoy in person will you please put a toy inside her and make her walk around in public? I constantly imagine you making her parade around in soaked panties. I also imagine you walking around with your dick bulging just below your pants seam ready to punish her furiously if she cums in public behind a building, or the like, or rewarding her satisfyingly if she makes it home without reaching orgasm..


Oh my! All that sounded just wonderful until about half way thru it honey…

Maybe you should ready my blog just a tiny bit closer.. ;-)

Yep.. just checked, NO dick here!

Haha, your name is a bit of a giveaway aswell, lol.

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Stunning dreeses on these stunning trophy ‘s

They are nice dresses though

DAMN.  I think that’s all that can be said…

Ugh.. this should be us tonight darling..


Saturday morning has been anything but boring with my little fuck puppet Steph to keep me company ;-)
Waking up to find that in her excitement for me, she has already edged herself 5 times while waiting for me and of course like the good little slut she is, sharing that fact with all of you!
Let’s call this little bit of moisture “verge of coming number six” after she graciously brought me to yet another earth shattering, hip bucking, fetal position rolling, mind numbing orgasm!
Of course being the gracious and loving miss I was.. promptly upon return on my senses and ability to write, I delivered the same to her!
Thank you again my love :-*

Omg!!! This morning was back spasmingly incredible! Hehe. As for you posting my pic.. I’m blushing like crazy yet again. I guess I can’t hide just how much I love being your toy after all ;) hehe