Her soon-to-be husband was left waiting at the alter as his best-man fucked her from behind. She would say her vows with his cum running down her thigh into her garter belt. Her egg would be swimming in his sperm as the priest asked her to say “I do.”

Mrs. Hickory’s pool party was fun. Jonas spent most of the day hiding his raging teenage boner that had sported from looking at Mrs. Hickory’s pink thong bikini. The moment she invited him in from the party for a lemonade, he knew she was up to something. She had a cheeky smile, which told him that she may have noticed the huge lump in his board shorts.
"That’s a pretty impressive piece of equipment you’ve developed their, kid" she told him. "You’ve got 10 minutes to show me what it can do before we have to rejoin the party" she said as she pulled her thong down her thighs and pushed her ass and pussy up into the air.
Jonas didn’t need telling twice and quickly pulled his swimmers off, finally releasing his throbbing cock. “What about protection?” he asked her as his adrenalin pulsed through him. “I said 10 minutes, kid. Make it count!” she barked impatiently. He fucked her while stroking her asshole, his balls tight the entire time. “Ahhh, fuck, Mrs. Hickory. I think I’m going to cum.” he trembled. “Yes! Pump my married cunt full of your young seed. You’re a fucking bull, you fuck stud” she groaned. As his orgasm overtook him, his whole body convulsed. He bottomed out inside her, feeling his cock head push up against the entrance to her womb. His penis throbbed and dumped copious amounts of cum past her cervix. She had made him a father in under 10 minutes.

He was a very happily married family man but when a little, ebony cum-slut turned up on his doorstep, trying to sell him insurance, his cock twitched. She invited herself in and proceeded to ramble on about how he needed to financially protect his home and family. All he could think about was trying to get under her skirt.
"Are those full length stockings or thigh high?" he blurted out boldly. She stared back at him with eyes wide and her mouth open in shock. She looked down to see a huge bulge pulsing in his pants. Her stomach flipped at the sight and her pussy instantly creamed.
They fucked all day, not once using protection, her slick pussy becoming more thick with cum as the hours wore on. “The wife will be home with the kids soon” he panted at her as she bounced on his fat cock. “Well I hope they welcome me into the family with open arms. Your kids will have a little black brother in 9 months” she answered back. He shuddered as he came again, pumping another load into her fertile womb. She was there to stay.

His new secretary had lasted two days before she was bouncing on his bare cock, begging him to blow his nut inside her. This was the 17th secretary he’d gone through in 12 months, each one taking maternity leave with his child in turn.
He looked up at her big, swollen tits and imagined his child suckling at her nipples. “Ughhhhhhhh! Number 17!” he bellowed as he came hard inside her.

His girlfriend’s Mom met him at the front door in nothing but a dressing gown. “Jemma’s still at school” she told him with a coy smile. In less than 5 minutes her legs were wrapped around his body as he held her up in the air and fucked her cougar pussy. “Uh, fuck Mrs. White, I’ve never had sex without a condom before” he groaned as he slammed her small frame onto his cock. “Perfect” she breathed back “I want you… to finish… inside me” she managed to whisper between thrusts “Jemma has… always wanted… a baby brother or sister” she gurgled. “AHHHHH, JESUS!” he yelled as he held her body and pumped her womb full of his thick seed.

I’m a good camper, respectful of nature.
It’s important to “Leave No Trace”. All of the cum I bring in my balls, you are going to carry out in your womb.

Everyone in the company hated the quarterly dinners at the boss’ house. Steve was the only one who looked forward to them. Each time, without fail, his boss’ daughter would wait until everyone was busily drinking and take him to a dark corner of the house and fuck him senseless. 
He was hanging out for this quarterly dinner as he hadn’t emptied his balls in weeks. He was saving it for his little slut, who was surely waiting for him patiently with a dripping pussy.
When he arrived, he chatted pointlessly with his colleagues, always watching the boss’ daughter out of the corner of his eye. She would smile and wink at him occasionally. He noticed she was wearing white stockings under her little dress.
As soon as guests started to gather in the lounge for after dinner drinks, she grabbed his hand and pulled him into a spare room. She threw her dress over her head and without a word bent over, displaying her tight little ass to him. He stripped instantly and sank his throbbing cock into her pussy. They had always used a condom, but tonight pure lust had overtaken his body.
He pumped into her. “No condom tonight, you sweet little fuck. My balls are swollen with so much cum. Your tight little pussy is going to drain them” he told her.” She came hard at his words, panting heavily. “Do it. I’m ready to be your little cum dump” She gurgled back. “This is number one of MANY!” he grunted as his orgasm shook his entire body and his balls violently spasmed and spat cum into her. He came for what seemed a life time, shaking and grunting as her pussy milked his cock.
She had now been marked by him and would carry many of his children in the years to come.

When he saw her at the bar, he knew she was nothing more than a filthy tramp. ‘Perfect’ he thought as he introduced himself. He brought her back to his house and had her on her back in minutes. “Have you got a condom?” she asked as he slid his cock head along her slick pussy. “I don’t use them” he grunted as he sank his cock into the hilt. She was nothing but a good fuck to him. He didn’t care if she got pregnant. As he felt his orgasm approaching, he increased his pace and held her legs back. “I’m going to cum” he told her. She simply hissed in pleasure and frigged her clit, looking down at his cock pounding her. He smiled, knowing he was about to ruin her life and body with a baby for 30 seconds of his pleasure.

"Ahhhhh, fuck. This bitch is about to make me pop, man" Joe told his mate as the bimbo they had picked up at the bar wiggled her ass on his cock. "She’s gonna make me cum in her tight little pussy" he groaned. "This slut ain’t on birth control, bro. You nut in her, she’s gonna have your baby" his friend told him. "I’m not gonna waist a tight little cunt like THIIIIIIISSSSS!!!" Joe yelled as his cock throbbed and his balls pumped huge strands of cum into her unprotected womb. They left her on the floor of her apartment with their cum pooling onto the carpet beneath her pussy. Her child would never know the name of it’s father.

He found her on the street corner. She was cheap and desperate. He paid her extra to go bareback. As he fucked the slutty hooker into the motel bed, he thought of how much harder her life would get when she discovered she was pregnant with his child. He didn’t care. He took pleasure in the idea that she would carry such a life burden, all for 30 seconds of his unbridled lust. “AHHHHH! FUCK!” he yelled as his balls pulsed cum into her tiny cunt. He didn’t stop pumping. he would drop multiple loads into this cum-dumpster tonight.